About Our Baranti Manbhum Resort

If you have ever wanted to get away from Kolkata without going too far, try Baranti for a refreshing change, Baranti is a small picturesque hamlet by a beautiful lake surrounded by hillocks and forests under Santuri Police Station in Purulia District. Muradi a small railway station (22 Km) from Asansol. Baranti is 263 Km away from Kolkata. Baranti or Ramchandrapur irrigation Project can be reached from Muradi Station (6 Km) by Trekker or Rickshaw. A water reservoir has been constructed by erecting a small earthen dam between Muradi Hill, at one side, and Baranti Hill, on the other. The stand-till water of the reservoir look like a large blue tinted glass mirror reflecting the vast expanse of sky over it. The view of the sunset with the lake on the ground is breath taking. You must also experience the moonlit night around the reservoir. The surface of the static water turns into a shiny silvery plate gifted by God. The water reservoir is being used for irrigation purpose and also for supplying drinking water to the local villages. The Panchkot Hill is situated on one side and the Biharinath Hill, on the other. The area is shrouded with trees like Sal, Mahua, Piyal, Palash etc. The forest is the abode of faunas like Rabbits, Porcupines, Wild Boars, Foxes, Wolves and Dears. The reservoir swarms with seasonal birds. Coos of birds in the forest are worth--remembering. Baranti is ideal for Eco-Tourism. If you are a lover of natural beauty, then you must have a trip to Baranti, which is the address of purest form of nature.


Set amidst the natural, unpolluted environs of rural bengal, this hut has 2 Rooms (3 bed each) with attached bath dining room and kitchen facility. The hut having 7 (Seven) bighas of landscape and 1600 Palash Trees has a romantic view at the time of spring (Specially in the month of March) you may enjoy window sides, where the Palash trees gives the romantic feeling from morning to twilight. You will check year after year to come to MANBHUM HOLIDAY HOME. If you are interested for wild life and nature, please study, hut for a weekend break or even longer stay drop in and see us.

Our ECO Event

  • Adventure Trekking
  • Bird Watching
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Fishing
  • Camp Fire
  • Tribal Village Visit
  • Chhou or Santhal Dance by traditional tribal in natural Garden on your request (Chargeable)

Tourist Spot

Panchet Dam
Panshet Dam, also called Tanajisagar Dam, is a dam on the Ambi river about 50 km southwest of the city of Pune in western India.
Maithon Dam
The Maithon Dam is located at Maithon, 48 km from Dhanbad, in the state of Jharkhand. It is 15,712 ft long and 165 ft. high.
Kalyaneshwari Temple
Kalyaneshwari temple at Kalyaneshwari in Asansol subdivision of Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal.

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